Group Personal Training

Benefits of one on one personal training

Group Personal Training

What is the FPF group personal training experience?

Onboarding process

Upon making your life changing decision, the member is scheduled to meet with a personal trainer to set up their fitness profile. At this time, we will go through goal assessment, postural assessment, and weight and body composition analysis in order to create a baseline and set realistic goals.


Members CAN NOT outwork a bad diet. That being said, nutrition is 75% of your results. Here at FPF members go through their initial nutrition counseling during the onboard process to establish a program that fits with their lifestyle.

How does it work?

Members are placed into groups of 3-4 within a larger group while still getting individual attention from the trainer so everyone can still maximize their results. Group personal training can be visualized as a group of people doing different exercises together at their own rate of speed, intensity, and ability. Here at Functional Performance Fitness we cater and design certain workout routines for special clients who can’t perform certain compound movements. These customized workouts enable our clients to get in the best shape of their life and achieve their individual results. Group training is FUN! It creates community, healthy competition, motivation, accountability, consistency, and results.

What kind of training will I do?

FPF was created to deliver a 3 dimensional training experience to mimic everyday lifestyle movements. Our bodies are able to squat, lunge, push, pull, bend, twist, and much more. The goal is to enhance our bodies ability to perform all functional movements. We combine resistance training and cardio into one workout to do metabolic conditioning and having the best effect of EPOC Aka the after burn.

What about my progress

Group personal training wouldn’t be a “personal training program” without ongoing progress reports. Members are scheduled biweekly for nutrition counseling and to keep track of their progress and stay motivated to work towards their goal. Nothing gets the FPF family (members and staff) more exited than positive RESULTS.